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53's Paper


My god is this app gorgeous. One of the best-looking iPad apps ever created, and a perfect example of creativity/creation on the device. 

It’s free, but there is an in-app charge for many of the tools. Totally worth it. 

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Why Storify For iPad Is Underhyped

What if there was an app that allowed you to hand a tablet to someone, anyone, and say to them, “Tell me a story”?

This app would need to be intuitive, easy-to-use and perhaps most of all help us figure out that age-old question: where to begin.

Storify has done this, and it’s unleashed the power of the social Web to be characters, quotes and turning points in those stories. Anyone who can search, drag-and-drop and enter some text is on their way. The elements are all there.

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Dangerous Combination

Overnight Greyhound Bus from Buffalo to NYC + Free WiFi + iPad + Game 2 Stanley Cup Finals + Twitter = Little sleep the night before returning to work.

It was fun though. First time I ever did an overnight bus and arrived in NYC at 4:30 a.m. Actually pretty comfortable and air-conditioned too. And I had a great Memorial Day!

Pretty tired but will push through the day.

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Got An iPad

OK, so after three visits to the Apple Store, I got an iPad.

Why I did it? Some helped convince me, but also I believe in this product, I really do believe it’s the future of personal computing, and I believe in its potential as a productivity device. Now owning it, those beliefs have only grown stronger.

More at HuffPost (see addition at the end of the post).

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I must admit I was skeptical about this product until I got my hands on it. I played with it for a good 20 minutes at the Apple Store yesterday and still won’t buy it just yet (more on that in a moment), but this device is amazing.
My iPad Review (Seriously Impressed By This Product)

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