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Verizon iPhone A Done Deal

The WSJ is reporting that a Verizon iPhone is indeed coming (confirmed), and notes:

IPhone users have long complained about dropped calls and poor service on AT&T’s network, even as the carrier boosted spending to improve coverage. A Consumer Reports survey last month ranked Verizon’s network as most reliable among the major carriers and AT&T’s as the worst. 

Interestingly, FWIW, I’ve *never* had issues with AT&T service since I’ve had an iPhone (2+ years). Wonder if it’s just me or if there are others who can say the same. Still, many people will be happy, so this is a good thing.

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Got An iPad

OK, so after three visits to the Apple Store, I got an iPad.

Why I did it? Some helped convince me, but also I believe in this product, I really do believe it’s the future of personal computing, and I believe in its potential as a productivity device. Now owning it, those beliefs have only grown stronger.

More at HuffPost (see addition at the end of the post).

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I must admit I was skeptical about this product until I got my hands on it. I played with it for a good 20 minutes at the Apple Store yesterday and still won’t buy it just yet (more on that in a moment), but this device is amazing.
My iPad Review (Seriously Impressed By This Product)

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