Behind the goal at the Sabres game!

I’ve never sat this close at a Sabres game before, so this was a new experience. We scored once per period. I was on the side Buffalo shot twice, so I was lucky enough to see two goals right in front of me. Here are all three.

Cody Hodgson scored our first goal.

Thomas Vanek scored our second.

Steve Ott scored our third.

Sadly, we did lose the game though 4-3. But fun experience. Photos can be found here.

Most Epic XBOX 360 LIVE NHL 12 Game Ever

Just finished playing the most amazing game of NHL 12 against someone online. I won 7-6 in regulation after trailing basically the whole game including 6-4 late in the third period.

The craziest part: Trailing a goal with less than a minute to play, I pulled my goalie. I (Buffalo, of course) made three big defensive plays to prevent Detroit from clearing the puck down the ice, and was able to keep pressure on. And on an awesome deke, Derek Roy tied it with just 14 seconds left! But what happened next was insane. I won the faceoff, two quick passes, went hard to the net and scored AGAIN with just 8 seconds left. That’s right - two goals 6 seconds apart. I’ve never seen two goals in the final 14 seconds of a game but there it is and the other guy had to be going nuts, he had the game won.

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