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My Trip To California In 15 Photos

I went to San Francisco this past weekend. It was amazing. It was my first time there. I fell in love with it.

This should hardly be a surprise to those who know me because I’m obsessed with technology. There’s plenty of it in the Bay Area, with all the tech companies based there. And they were well represented, from signs, to T-shirts, to overheard conversations, to headquarters, and so on.

Few people know but I also once considered moving there. It’s a place I could honestly see myself. It’s a place I’d consider down the road.

The Bay Area was stunning, right from Day 1, when the sun looked like this.

San Francisco itself offered views like this.

I was attending the Online News Association Conference at this hotel.

I went to the Golden Gate Bridge, and it looked like this.

Walking it looked like this.

And this.

The city looked kind of amazing from it.

Bay Bridge: Also spectacular.

Here it is again.

Here it is at night from Google’s SF office.

On Sunday, I went to this place…

…To watch this. The Giants lost to the Padres 6-4.

I met people in real life that I’ve followed for ages, like Dave Earley of Australia.

At Facebook HQ, I wrote on an actual Facebook wall. (Thanks, Vadim.)

At Twitter HQ, I relaxed on the roof. (Thanks, @Laura.)

And a bonus photo. All great things come to an end, but even then, beautiful new things can come about. Like this sunrise while landing in New York.

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