We are human beings. None of us are perfect. We all have flaws. We all make mistakes.

And yet there is something perfect, spectacular, miraculous that we exist in the first place. Whether you believe in God or not, take a moment to reflect on that, to revel in our good fortune for existence, against all odds, really think about this. Reflect on our brothers, our sisters. We’re all on this Earth together, for a short time. Make it count.

Simplify Your Life For More Focus

Great suggestions here:

Pay attention to doing one thing at a time and doing it well.
Talk to people who believe in you and your purpose.
Simplify your life and slow down by eliminating one headache of daily life.
Update your priorities and write them down.
Think about recent decisions and if they did or did not correspond to your values & beliefs.
Practice arguing against yourself. Be your own “devil’s advocate.”
Draw your vision of an ideal life or an ideal outcome to a specific situation.
Read stories of success.
List the internal reasons why you are pursuing a certain goal.
Walk away from your computer, your iPad, and your TV, and then engage with someone that can help you achieve your goals.


The White House is now on Tumblr..

via whitehouse:

We see some great things here at the White House every day, and sharing that stuff with you is one of the best parts of our jobs. That’s why we’re launching a Tumblr. We’ll post things like the best quotes from President Obama, or video of young scientists visiting the White House for the science…